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Professional Services
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Survey Approach IRI's Survey Services range from full-scale design to refinement and/or analysis of existing surveys. Surveys can be administered via paper document, OCR scanned form, or Section 508 compliant web-based instrument hosted on IRI's or the client's server.  For ongoing surveys, IRI offers dynamic web-based survey reporting systems that display real time charts and tables of survey results.  For annual or biennial surveys, IRI produces comprehensive reports of survey findings and recommendations. Surveys are customized for the terminology and issues unique to the organization, and also include standard items for benchmarking. Survey findings are correlated with performance outcomes (e.g., retention, sales).
Climate Surveys IRI's Organizational Climate Surveys go beyond basic measures of perception to assess the motivational component of a population. The insight gained through survey feedback allows those in authority to sharpen their leadership skills and improve organizational performance.
Customer Serveys Customer Surveys assess customer expectations and satisfaction, and the relative level of importance of the various products and services provided.
Exit Surveys Exit or Post-Exit Surveys determine the causes of attrition, how the separating employee's job matched their expectations when recruited, and the type of interventions needed to improve retention.
EOD Surveys New Employee Surveys assess the affectiveness of recruitment strategies and employee satisfaction with application, hiring, and orientation processes.

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